My art heart

I have enjoyed color and shape from an early age, my father had his own print shop when I grew up and I spent all my free time there. Many were the times when I had printing press ink from head to toe, not something my mother always approved of. 😉
But I did not mind taking some heat, it was an exciting and fun environment to be in.

Craft, in all forms, is something that I always have loved, but it is paper craft, painting, scribble and doodle that have become my main line of creativity. While growing up I used things close at hand e.g. newspapers, gift wrap, strings, stickers – in short, what ever I could find. I am still using a lot of scrap in my art work, and my fortune is that my family have a great patient and can withstand that I pile up ”scrap”. My primary source of inspiration is God, color, shape and nature.

During my studies at a textile art school, part of the curriculum was weaving, and I was all up there with excitement for I had never done this before. There were no end to my pride when getting the first warp up in the loom, but as I begin weaving I spot an error in the warp so a line did forms at the center of the fabric. Devastated of disappointment in myself my first thought for a split second were to not finish the weave.

My teacher then told me a history story, that touched my heart: ”Many years ago, when weaving still was a occupation for many women, a small error were always woven in, making sure that the weave were imperfect, because the only thing being perfect is God, so they did not want to try measure up to him.”

That is how I try to think when I create; there exists no failures only lessons and that my creativity is a gift from God, my purpose is to manage my gift as well as I can.
Not everything has to be perfect and  I like when you can see that it is handmade.
Anyone can creat,  take small steps in faith, find your personal expression, learning happily from others while not making an exact copy.

You are created unique and wonderful in Christ, trust in His love in your creativity and express yourself and your beliefs with love.