My salvation history (short version)

When I, as an adult, let myself go and with all my hearth began to trust God again, my life changed into something quite wonderful – if you haven’t invited God in your life already – do it today and let God help and love you!

That witch saved me over the years, walking my own ways, away from God, was the strength of my childhood faith. During childhood I loved Sunday school and listening for the first time on the story of Jesus where he says; “Let all children come to me” (Mark 10:14) I remember that I was thinking; an adult who has time for children, I love Him.

Here is a picture from Sunday school singing
“Jesus love”, I’m standing in front, wearing a
yellow dress and sings with such passion that
I almost knocks my peers. This is a song that
I still like to sing.

In the autumn of 2006, I met a new friend – a meeting that would change my life. The first time we met, she looked me in the eyes and said to me; How are you, actually? She asked how I was feeling, asked about things that no other than I knew about. I just stood there and felt completely dumbfounded. How could this woman know so much about me and the problems I struggled without even knowing me. Then she continued; “I have received a gift from God to help people, and He wants to be a part of your life again – let go and let God come into your life again.”

At that moment there was something that snapped inside of me, the tears began to flow and when the initial shock subsided, so did her words sink in. Let go and let God come into your life again. After this meeting, I realized how far I had come from God and His love, even if I carried my cross, read the Bible and went to church occasionally. The first night after the meeting, I slept well all through the night, which was the first night in many years that I was not plagued by nightmares. I also got rid of all my New Age stuff/books and what relief that was.
Together with a friend and my daughter we went ahead and baptized ourselves 2007 – it is a wonderful feeling to be baptized as an adult and a blessed moment to share with ones daughter.