In 1999 I started to make lifestyle changes, went over to a vegetarian diet, for ten years I was a vegetarian and even full blown vegan for one year. 2009 I started adding meat into my diet again, in hindsight, this was around the same time that my health started to get worse. Could this be just a coincidence? but in the situation, bad as it was, I seize every straw to gain better health. In September 2016 I decided to start making changes in diet back to the vegetarian kitchen. For the body to achieve a smooth transition, I start out on a flexitarian*  diet over a longer period of time, including fish, chicken, eggs and cheese.

For me it is important with an varied but regular exercise to keep the body going and the pain at bay. Everyday exercise is something that I practice and it should not be underestimated, I commute by train and just by walking to and from the train and to my job x 2, give me 8-9 kilometers of walking every day.

I often jogg together with my husband, it also happens that we run a few races just to challenge ourselves and because it’s fun.

I also train crossfit, which is a super fun balanced exercise and a riveting friendly community. What I like most about crossfit is that it is a sport that fits virtually everyone, it is unpretentious and every workout is led by trained coaches who makes sure that you do all the exercises in the right way to reduce the risk of injury. On a crossfit workout you train together, young and old, physically fit and beginners, which is a strength and as well as inspiring. There is always one or more alternative exercises that you can do, if you like me have trouble making some movement due to stiffness and pain.

In total I have lost 60 kg (132lbs) in weight thanks to my lifestyle changes.

My formula for a good life = F+Fx3+Mx3+CM+F&C

F = Faith
Fx3 = Family x 3 (the ones who are closest to me; husband, son and daughter)
Mx3 = In Swedish, food, exercise and mindset all begins with an M.
CM = C-stands for Creativity and M-stands for the number 1000 in roman numerics which symbolize the breadth of my creativity, since there are so many exciting creative expression to discover and experiment with.
FC = Friends & Coffee

* Flexitarian diet is a plant-based one, with the occasional addition of meat. Flexitarians are also known as flexible vegetarians, casual vegetarians or vegivores.