Education biography

After I finished school in 1985 I was very tired of studying and felt that I was never ever going to study again.

In 1991 I got a paid graphic computer education from the unemployment services and I really enjoyed it.

1999 I felt I had to do something for myself after some ruff years and I started to study old textile techniques as weaving, felting, free embroidering, tanning leather … especially dyeing yarn with plants and herbs was something I fell in love with.

Those years of textile education made my confidence grow and I did send an application for University study, and was accepted! This was a huge leap forward for someone who barley got through elementary school. So for two years I was studying Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and it was really hard, but with help and support from my family I made it through.

When I realized that I actually could study and enjoyed it, I had to move on and take some more classes and first I took some high school classes as religion, science, civics and history so I could go on and take some more University classes. But before taking more university classes, I educated me to be a LPN nurse.

In 2007 I felt that I had to take care of myself and my spiritual life and started on a diaconal education half time that lasted two years, and made a great impact in my Christian life.

In summer 2013 I started to take on-line art classes, I have always enjoyed drawing, painting and doodling, taking daily small steps to fulfill my dream and work as an artist, illustrator, designer and life coach.

I have been taking some more courses after my first University class, one that was about “Nutrition and food use and food abuse”, “Emotions, body, health and work” with focus on people with disabilities, “Encouraging attitude”.