Faith Journaling

For me faith journaling is a way to express my faith, my prayers, thoughts, feelings and desires all that life contains in words and pictures. I have a rich inner imagery life and when I pray or read the Bible, a lot of pictures bubbles up. I daily sketch those images in my faith journal together with thoughts, biblical texts and personal reflections on each image.

Everyone can create their own personal creative faith prayer book , there is no right or wrong, it is all about what feels right for you. It may be that you just write and doodle along with Bible studies, add drawings when you pray … there are as many ways as there are people.

I have always had this need to write and over the years I have used up many note books, cut and pasted, painted, scribbled, written prayers in my journals and when I discovered ” Faith art journaling ” I found a whole new way to express emotions and thoughts that suited me very well.

For me it has always been hard to stay still and pray more than 10 minutes, but by combining prayer with words and pictures I can pray for a longer time and enjoy it. God has created me and given me the tools, so that I can grow in my fellowship with him in this wonderful way.

I have tried many different journals before I found the one that suited me, the one I use every day is a fairly cheap  children’s drawing/coloring book. You could say that my journaling is more like a life journal, I use it daily for Bible studies, prayers, dreams, sketches, diary, thoughts …..

When I paint I often returns to my journals for inspiration and many sketches are remade into faith art.

I am sharing my doodles in faith on Instagram using the hashtags:  #rejoiceinthelordalways #annacarinsol

Junk journals
Many of my art journals are made of junk (mostly junk mail from my mailbox), I just love to reuse things.

The fact that I use junk journals make me feel more free and not as afraid of wasting expensive paper when I experiment. It is also fun to challenge yourself by painting over the pages and make collage out of whats already there.

Some pictures from my faith journal: