You have a beautiful name, Anna-Carin – does it mean anything to you?

My last name is Solefält and if you translate it to English it will be; Sun-field.

When I was younger I did not like my name so much, it was long and unusually and most of my friend did just call me Anna, and most of them still do. Today I love my name and appreciate my parents thought when they choose it. I got my name from two strong women, Anna and Karin. Karin was my grandmother (on my fathers side) and Anna was my grandmothers mother, there is some benefits with having young parents. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to get to knew my grand-grand parents 🙂

During my first five years my father and mother rented a apartment in the ground floor in Anna’s house, and there where many moments when I went upstairs and were told some really good stories from the past.

My father has also told me a good story about when Anna was younger and from the days when they where farmers; “One of the bulls on the farm would go to slaughter. The men working on the farm had no success to get the bull in to the slaughtering car. Anna took quite resolute the bull in his nose ring and walked him to the slaughterhouse.”

This picture is taken from my baptism as child,
in the back is my handsome father and his mother,
my grandmother Karin. The women who is holding
me is Karin’s mother, Anna.

Anna och Anna
This is from where I am visiting Anna, celebrating Lucia.
I remember that I made up some god stories from the
pictures on those wallpapers.

This was a long answer to a simple question 😉 but it felt right to tell some old stories from the memories pantry.