From mindful-mess to faith-fulness

I enjoy my work and for that I am grateful, daily I get to meet interesting people alongside some of the most wonderful colleagues there is. The long commute by train is on the negative side, I do try to turn it into a good start of the day by listening to worshiping. Turning back home, mentally exhausted, I doodle while praying. To pray, doodle and paint is something I love to do, and above all it make me feel good. Most times it come out as scribble but every now and then an image may hold the answer to some trouble or dilemma. Most of my drawings is very personal therefor I keep them private, this one thou, from last Friday, I need to share. During the weekend I have cleaned up and colored it, it have been pure joy. When drawing I let go of my mindful-mess, add some prayer and it end up as faith-fulness. Please, feel free to share any thoughts on the image.

2 comments on “From mindful-mess to faith-fulness

  1. i so relate to art being personal. thanks for sharing this one tho. Rx

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