Renew, rebuild, rejoice

My strategy in working on personal development, have the last few years been to pray for a word on the coming year. Last year I got two words to work with, renew and rebuild. Had I had the slightest hint as to the purpose of those words I would have taken the whole year of from work. It would be easier to count the good instead of sick days of 2016, it have been a ruff year and my faith and creativity is what have kept me going.

To have God’s support during this year of turning my whole life inside out, was crucial. In deepening my relation with God I have learn a new significance to the words renew and rebuild. Two other insights of this year is gratefulness for all the small miracles in life, and that hope is a seed planted by God.

It is with the greatest of expectations I look forward to what 2017 will bring, since this years word is rejoice.

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